About - The Midnight Horrors
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Oh no it’s: The Midnight Horrors! That group of artists making work in the fields of performance art, live art, contemporary theatre, and sometimes you dream about them. Based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia, the collaboration was formalised in early 2022.

Lead by (Teneille Clerke & Tobias Manderson-Galvin) the Midnight Horrors is comprised of core members (approx. 7-9) and supported by a wider artistic network of trouble makers, occultists, and ne’er-do-wells who have been working together and alone-together making experimental performance and unconventional theatre for the last twenty years.

They’re interested in Hauntology. Chaos. Outrunning their pasts. You might encounter them by a river, at an old tip, in an empty restaurant, or a national cultural institute. They’re genius! They’re brilliant! They’re bullshit artists! They’re the Midnight Horrors.


Tobias Midnight-Horror


Teneille Midnight-Horror


Current Midnight Horrors include:

Other artists we’re collaborating with include:
DR TOM PAYNE performance. dramaturgy. academic writing.
and a few more we’ll tell you when the shows are announced…